Before you book


Travelling with an assistance dog

Find out what information we'll need to approve your dog for travel in the cabin by visiting our dedicated page about assistance dogs.

At the airport


Escorted travel

If you’re travelling alone, the Special Assistance team can organise for you to be escorted through the airport by one of the airports assistance providers. The assistant will aid you through the airport terminal and ensure you get to the boarding gate on time to be one of the first to board the aircraft, during our preboarding stage.

If you would like the team to arrange this service, you will need to let the Special Assistance team know at least 48 hours before your flight.

On your flight



Once on board, our cabin crew can provide an individual safety briefing and a verbal seat orientation so you'll know the distance to the emergency exit door and proximity to the lavatory.

They can also show you how to use our onboard entertainment system and how to contact the cabin crew during your flight.

You can request a verbal seat orientation before your flight by completing this online contact form.



Once onboard, you will have access to our onboard entertainment system, more fondly known as Vera.

Through Vera, you will have access to movies, music and TV shows. Our Vera entertainment system includes a variety of movies and TV shows which are available with audio description.