We offer inter-island flights on the following routes:

  • Barbados to Grenada

  • Grenada to Barbados

  • Barbados to St Vincent

  • St Vincent to Barbados


The same aircraft will either start or finish its journey at London Heathrow, with passengers joining and disembarking at their chosen destination. Some passengers will stay onboard for the entirety of the journey (for example, from London Heathrow to Grenada). 


Inter-island flying refers to the passengers booked to travel between Caribbean islands, who are not boarding or disembarking at London Heathrow.


If flying with us on one of these inter-island services, you will booked on an Economy Classic ticket.


You will receive the same baggage allowance as you would on our other routes, which is 1 x 10kg hand luggage, and 1 x 23kg checked bag.

Check in is not available online for these services, and you will need to check in at the airport.


Check in is available from 2 hours before departure for services from Barbados, and 4 hours before departure for services from St Vincent and Grenada.


Seat selection is not available for customers travelling on inter-island services. Your seat will be allocated at the airport.

There will be a short refreshments service during the flight.


You will have access to the same great inflight entertainment as on our long haul services, however headphones are not supplied, so please bring your own.

If you are a customer who is travelling to or from London Heathrow on a service where inter-island customers are joining, the plane will be on the ground for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes upon landing into Barbados.


Customers for Barbados will disembark the aircraft, and new inter-island customers will be joining. 


At this time our cleaning and security teams will board the aircraft to prepare the flight for the joining customers. Please remain in your seats and listen for any instructions from our crew.


The toilets will be accessible and our inflight entertainment will continue to play. Our crew will be available if you have any questions