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This page gives information what you need to know before proceeding with a refund. You can then request a refund or get a quote to see how much refund you will receive.


· Not all tickets are fully refundable, and you could only receive your taxes back. To check your eligibility for a refund please see our refund policy and check your T&C’s before completing the form.

· You must have booked directly with Virgin Atlantic, and not a travel agent or third-party company.

· You’ll need your 6-digit alphanumeric booking reference starting with A to G (e.g., A3B2DE).

· Refunds can only be made to the original form of payment.

Paid using Points?

Please complete the 'Claim a refund for your booking' form. 

Tickets purchased through Travel Agent or another airline

Any refund will need to be made directly with your Travel Agent or other airline. This is due to us not being able to process it for you.


If your flight is scheduled to operate and you’re unable to travel, you may find the best option is to rebook your ticket.

If you’d like to rebook, we’re here to support you. Log into My Booking and click or tap on the red web chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

There have been changes made to your scheduled flight

If your flight is scheduled to operate under the same flight number and the change is less than 3 hours, the refund is calculated as per the fare rules.

If your flight was cancelled or the schedule change is more than 3 hours, you can claim a refund of the unused part or parts of your journey. Make sure to detail in the comment box that it’s a refund of the unused part(s) due flight disruption.

What happens after we’ve received and accepted your refund request?

We will credit your refund within the normal timeframe to your original form(s) of payment. Once processed, you might need to allow up to 14 working days for the money to show in your account depending on your payment method and provider, or if there’s a Bank Holiday.

What form do I need to fill in?

Request a quote for your refund

If you’re unsure of the terms and conditions of your ticket, you can request a quote to find out how much you would be entitled to.

Claim a refund for your booking

A refund of your flight booking based upon the terms and conditions of your ticket.

Claim a refund for your seats/upgrades/excess baggage

Subject to the terms and conditions of your ticket, a refund can be requested for any additional extras you have paid for related to the flight.

Claim a refund for your booking AND a refund on your seats/upgrades/excess baggage

You will need to complete both ‘Claim a refund for your booking’ AND ‘Claim a refund for your seats/upgrades/excess baggage