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Most destinations require us to provide ‘Advance Passenger Information’ about you to the border/immigration authorities of your travel destination. The Indian authorities now require us to provide them with additional information about you and your travel arrangements. 

We are required to facilitate this process and will ask you to complete the below declaration form no later than 9 hours before departure. We will then pass this data over to the Indian Authorities as mandated in order to allow you to travel. You and the people you’re travelling with must all complete a separate form. 

By completing this form you confirm that you have reviewed and understood entry, visa and health requirements of the Indian authorities. You will find this information on the High Commission of India in the UK or Embassy of India in the US websites.  

You confirm your wish to return to India at your own risk due to compelling grounds following the COVID-19 outbreak. You confirm all costs related to any COVID-19 testing and quarantine related to your travel to India will need to be paid by you. You confirm you will follow all instructions and requirements given by the crew of your flight(s), Embassy or High Commission officials or anyone representing the Government of India and/or State Government as well as medical personal before, during and after boarding of the flight and after disembarkation upon you arrival in India.

Important: the information must be entered exactly as it appears on your passport