Keeping in touch

It's really important we have the correct mobile number for you. Please log into Manage My Booking and check the number entered into the 'Guest details' section.

When you're on holiday you can chat with us over WhatsApp during office hours. It's free of charge, all you need to ensure is that you're connected to local WiFi which is available at most international airports and hotels, in addition to Villa properties.

Virgin Atlantic Holidays Reps are no longer based in hotels but, rest assured, an international team is available at all hours to help with emergancies or during office hours to answer any and all questions you may have.

Staying connected

If you haven't already, be sure to download our Virgin Atlantic Holidays app. You'll be able to access your holiday documents and vouchers at any time whilst on holiday without the need for internet connection. It's available to download on all iOS & Android Devices.

Local resort restrictions

The FCDO website contains lots of useful content which we encourage you to familiarise yourself with before you travel. It'll help you understand what to expect when you're away. The website doesn't just contain Covid-19 testing requirements, it also has information about local resort restrictions including any curfews or changes to local hospitality experiences you might encounter.

Check-in times might be slightly longer, including hotels and local car hire. There may be less in-room cleaning and the drinks facilities may have been removed from hotel rooms. You will most likely see that not all of the restaurants or bars will be open all of the time, and you may want to pre-book hotel restaurant reservations by contacting your hotel in advance. To help you get prepared and avoid disappointment, we recommend you visit the website for your hotel or villa property to get information about their improved safety measures and any impacts on amenities including pool facilities.

You may experience some changes to your holiday experience but, rest assured, all local measures have been put in place for the protection of you, other guests and staff. Regulations will be in line with the local legal requirements.

Car Hire

If you’ve booked car hire, be sure to check in online for your car hire before you arrive on holiday. It will help speed up your experience at the airport. Simply enter your details and the Hertz team will be ready to welcome you when you arrive.

Landing advice & contact information