This Cookie Statement explains how we use cookies and similar tracking technologies on our website in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Last updated: 23 May 2024

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit our website. They help us provide a better user experience and understand how visitors use our site.

You’re in control

We use essential cookies for the website to function properly. Before we use any other type of cookie, we’ll ask for your consent. We’ll give you these options when you first visit our website. 

If you choose ‘Accept all’, you consent to us using all cookie types. Choosing ‘Reject all’ means we’ll only use the cookies essential for the website to function properly. Click on ‘Settings’ if you’d prefer to consent to specific cookie categories.

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Cookies we use

Name Purpose
Adobe Target These cookies remember your preferences and choices, such as language and region settings. Disabling these cookies may prevent non-essential website features working as intended.
Akamai Akamai cookies are used for content delivery and website acceleration. They optimise website performance by caching and delivering content from edge servers, reducing latency, and improving user experiences by serving web pages and media files faster and more efficiently.
Allianz Allianz cookies are required to offer customers travel insurance products which can be purchased online alongside bookings.
American Express American Express cookies are required to provide security and compliance with privacy regulations when using American Express as payment method.
ATPCO ATPCO enchances website functionality with additional content relevant to specific flights like amenities and baggage allowance. ATPCO cookies are essential for this content to be displayed consistently throughout the booking process.
Cloudflare Cloudflare cookies enhance website security and performance. They provide protection against malicious traffic, optimise content delivery, and store user preferences, ensuring faster page load times and improved security for websites using Cloudflare services.
Cloudfront CloudFront cookies are used for content delivery and website acceleration. They help improve website performance by caching and delivering content from edge locations, reducing latency, and enhancing user experiences by serving web pages and media files faster and more efficiently.
Dynatrace Dynatrace cookies are used for performance monitoring and optimisation of websites and applications. They track user interactions and analyse application performance data, providing insights to optimise digital experiences, enhance speed, and ensure high-quality user interactions.
Ensighten Ensighten cookies are utilised for website tag management and data collection. They help businesses manage and deploy third-party scripts and tags, allowing for better tracking of user behavior and data collection for analytics and marketing purposes, ultimately improving website performance and marketing effectiveness.
Google Translate Google Translate cookies enhance functionality by remembering language preferences and past translations. They track user interactions and performance data to improve service efficiency and provide a personalized, seamless translation experience.
jQuery jQuery cookies are used to store and manage small amounts of data on the client-side within web browsers. They enable web developers to maintain user preferences, session information, and other data without the need for server-side storage, improving website interactivity and personalisation.
JSdelivr JSdelivr cookies are used for content delivery and website optimisation. They assist in serving JavaScript libraries and files from a global content delivery network (CDN), reducing load times and bandwidth usage, which ultimately improves website performance and user experience.
Marketing Preference - Azure Marketing Preference - Azure cookies are used to manage user preferences related to marketing communications. They enable users to opt in or out of specific marketing campaigns or data sharing, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and providing users with control over their marketing preferences.
OneLink Translations OneLink Translation cookies facilitate website translation. They store user preferences for language selection, enabling the automatic translation of website content to the user's preferred language, improving accessibility and user experience for multilingual audiences.
PayPal PayPal cookies enhance security, remember user preferences, and facilitate smooth transactions. They help ensure a secure and personalized experience while providing fraud prevention.
Raygun Raygun cookies are used to enhance website functionality, monitor user interactions, and improve performance. They track error data, user sessions, and site usage to provide insights for debugging and optimizing user experience.
SecurityMetrics SecurityMetrics cookies are used for security and compliance purposes. They may store security-related information to ensure the protection of sensitive data and compliance with industry security standards, such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
ThreatSpike ThreatSpike cookies enhance cybersecurity by monitoring user activity and detecting anomalies. They collect data on user interactions to identify and prevent potential threats, ensuring a secure browsing environment and improving the overall security of the website.
TrackJS TrackJS cookies are used for error tracking and monitoring on websites and web applications. They capture and report JavaScript errors in real-time, helping developers identify and fix issues quickly to enhance the overall reliability and user experience of their digital products.
Tripadvisor Tripadvisor cookies are used to help show Tripadvisor hotel ratings consistently across the website and through the online checkout process. Please see third party individual privacy policy for more information.
Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic cookies are used to store user preferences such as region or language settings, as well as remembering flights or other products added to the e-commerce basket, intended to be purchased online.
Virgin Holidays Flight + Hotel, Flight + Car, Hotel and Car are powered by Virgin Holidays. Essential Virgin Holidays cookies are required for these products to be displayed and bookable online.
Worldpay Worldpay cookies are required to facilitate secure online credit card transactions compliant with industry standards such as PCI DSS.

 Name Purpose
Adobe Activity Map Plugin Adobe Activity Map Plugin cookies are employed to visualise and analyse user engagement on a website. They provide valuable insights into how visitors interact with web content, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to enhance user experiences and optimise website design and layout.
Adobe Analytics Adobe Analytics cookies are used to collect and analyse data on website visitor behavior. They enable businesses to track user interactions, measure site performance, and gain insights for optimising online experiences and marketing strategies.
Adobe Visitor ID Service Adobe Visitor ID Service cookies help in identifying and tracking website visitors across different devices and sessions. They enable a unified view of user behavior, allowing businesses to personalise content, analyse user journeys, and improve marketing effectiveness by understanding the customer's digital footprint.
Google Analytics Google Analytics cookies track and report website traffic, user interactions, and behavior. They collect data to analyze site performance, identify trends, and optimize user experience, helping website owners make data-driven decisions and improve functionality.
Quantum Metric Quantum Metric cookies are used to capture user interactions and issues on websites and apps. They provide real-time insights into user experiences, enabling businesses to identify and resolve usability problems, optimise digital products, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Kampyle (Medallia) Medallia cookies are employed to gather customer feedback and survey responses. They help businesses measure and improve customer satisfaction, identify areas for enhancement in products or services, and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience.

Name Purpose
Carbon Analytics Carbon Analytics cookies are used to show the estimated carbon footprint for Virgin Atlantic flights consistently throughout the online booking journey.
Chatbot Our chatbot uses cookies help enhance interaction. They store user preferences and session data, allowing conversations to stay active whilst navigating our website.
Ensighten Attribution Ensighten Attribution cookies are employed for marketing attribution and analytics. They track user interactions with online ads and marketing campaigns to determine which touchpoints contribute to conversions. This data helps businesses allocate resources effectively and optimise their advertising strategies.
Genesys Genesys cookies are used to optimise customer service and contact center experiences. They capture data on user interactions to improve routing, agent performance, and customer engagement, ultimately enhancing the quality of customer support and service delivery.
Matterport 3D Cabins Matterport cookies enhance virtual tour experiences. They store user preferences and enable interactive features like 3D navigation and measurements, providing a more immersive and customised experience when exploring digital spaces created with Matterport technology.
Microsoft Virtual Agent Microsoft Virtual Agent cookies help enhance chatbot interactions on websites and applications. They store user preferences and session data to provide more personalised and efficient responses, improving the overall user experience when engaging with virtual agents for customer support or information retrieval.
Student Beans Domain Our student discount page inclues a Student Beans login screen which may include cookies used by Student Beans website. Visit Student Beans website directly for full details of their cookie policy:
Trustassure TrustAssure cookies are employed to enhance website security and user trust. They verify user identities, monitor for suspicious activities, and secure online transactions, ultimately ensuring a safer browsing experience and protecting sensitive data from fraudulent activities.
Vimeo Vimeo cookies are used to enhance video streaming and user experience on websites. They track user preferences, video performance data, and provide analytics, enabling customised video playback, improved playback quality, and content recommendations for viewers.
WalkMe WalkMe cookies enhance user experience by tracking interactions and providing personalized guidance. They collect data to optimize navigation, deliver targeted assistance, and improve overall functionality, ensuring users can effectively utilize website features and services.
YouTube YouTube cookies are utilised for video playback and user experience enhancement. They store user preferences, track video performance data, and help deliver personalised content and ads. These cookies improve video streaming, recommend relevant videos, and support targeted advertising on the YouTube platform.

Product name Purpose
Adara Media Adara Media cookies are utilised for travel-related advertising and marketing. They collect and analyse user data to create personalised travel recommendations and targeted advertisements, enhancing the effectiveness of travel industry marketing campaigns and improving the user's booking experience.
Adobe Experience Platform Adobe Experience Platform cookies are used to identify browser users in order to serve them personalised marketing communications and recommendations. They allow us to collect user data on page interactions, flight searches and sales and other behaviours which enable our advertisers to create custom audiences that will deliver relevant recommendations. 
AdRoll AdRoll cookies are used for online advertising and retargeting. They track user behavior, enabling businesses to display targeted ads to users who have previously visited their website or interacted with their products, increasing the chances of conversion and engagement.
Amadeus Travel Audience Amadeus Travel Audience cookies are used for targetted advertising in the travel industry. They analyse user behavior to create personalised audience segments, enabling advertisers to deliver relevant travel-related ads to specific user groups, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improving user engagement.
Amazon product Ads Amazon Product Ads cookies are used for targeted advertising. They track user interactions and preferences to display relevant product ads on Amazon and partner websites, improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and increasing the likelihood of user engagement and conversion.
Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking These cookies help optimise advertising campaigns. They track user interactions and conversions on websites, providing data to refine ad targeting and measure advertising effectiveness on the Bing Ads platform, ultimately improving ROI for advertisers.
Conversant Conversant cookies are used for digital advertising personalisation. They collect user data to deliver tailored ads across devices and platforms, enhancing ad relevance, engagement, and conversion rates for businesses while providing users with more personalised online experiences.
DoubleClick Floodlight DoubleClick Floodlight cookies are employed for ad measurement and conversion tracking. They monitor user interactions with online ads, allowing advertisers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns, measure conversions, and optimise advertising strategies for improved ROI and user engagement.
Facebook Custom Audiences Facebook Custom Audiences cookies assist in targeted advertising. They collect user data to create custom audience segments based on interests and behavior, enabling advertisers to deliver tailored ads to specific customer groups, thereby increasing ad relevance and engagement on the Facebook platform.
Flashtalking Flashtalking cookies are employed for digital advertising and tracking. They capture user data to deliver personalised ads, measure ad performance, and optimise campaigns across various platforms, ultimately improving ad relevance and ROI for advertisers.
Google APIs Google APIs cookies are used to enhance the functionality and performance of applications using Google APIs. They help authenticate users, manage access to Google services, and store user preferences, ensuring a seamless and secure experience when interacting with Google-powered apps and services.
Google Maps Google Maps cookies improve the functionality of maps embedded on websites. They store user preferences and usage data, enabling features like location-based services, directions, and personalised map views, enhancing the overall user experience when interacting with Google Maps.
Google TagManager Google Tag Manager cookies facilitate the management of website tags and tracking codes. They store configuration data and help deploy third-party analytics and marketing tools, streamlining the process of updating and maintaining website tracking without the need for constant code changes.
Google Travel Ad Services Google Travel Ad Services cookies aid in travel-related advertising. They track user interactions and preferences to display personalised travel ads on Google and partner platforms, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improving the user's travel booking experience. cookies are used for tracking and analytics in digital advertising. They gather data on user interactions and preferences, helping advertisers measure campaign performance, target audiences effectively, and optimise ad strategies to improve ROI and user engagement.
Link Synergy Link Synergy cookies are used for affiliate marketing. They track user interactions and purchases through affiliate links, allowing businesses and affiliates to measure and compensate for referrals, optimise marketing strategies, and enhance partnerships in online commerce.
Marin Software Marin Software cookies are used for digital advertising management. They collect data on user interactions and ad performance to optimise advertising campaigns across various platforms, ultimately improving ad targeting, ROI, and campaign effectiveness for advertisers.
Pinterest Widget Pinterest Widget cookies are used to enhance the Pinterest widget's functionality on websites. They store user data and preferences, enabling features like saving pins and personalised content recommendations, ultimately improving the user's experience when interacting with Pinterest content on external sites. cookies are used to manage loyalty program points and miles. They help users track and exchange rewards across different loyalty programs, enhancing the user's ability to manage and maximise their loyalty points for various benefits and offers. AWS AWS cookies facilitate the secure operation of's services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. They manage user sessions and ensure the reliability and scalability of's loyalty program and points management platform hosted on AWS.
Quantcast Quantcast cookies are used for audience measurement and advertising personalisation. They collect data on user behavior and interests to help businesses understand their online audiences better, target relevant ads, and improve ad campaign performance by reaching the right audience with tailored content.
Rocket Fuel Rocket Fuel cookies are employed for programmatic advertising. They gather user data to enhance ad targeting and deliver personalised advertisements, ultimately improving ad campaign performance, relevance, and efficiency by reaching the right audience with tailored content and promotions.
Semasio Semasio cookies are utilised for audience targeting in digital advertising. They analyse user data to create customised audience segments based on interests and behavior, enabling advertisers to deliver more relevant and effective ads to specific user groups, thereby improving ad campaign performance and ROI.
Sojern Sojern cookies track user behavior and preferences to deliver targeted advertising and personalized travel recommendations. They collect data on site interactions and browsing history, helping to optimize marketing efforts and improve user experience by presenting relevant ads and offers.
Spotify Spotify cookies are used to enhance the music streaming experience. They store user preferences and help deliver personalised playlists and recommendations, providing a more enjoyable and customised music listening experience for users on the Spotify platform.
Twitter Conversation Tracking Twitter conversation tracking cookies help monitor and analyse user interactions with tweets and conversations. They provide insights into engagement, sentiment, and trends, helping users and businesses understand the impact and reach of their Twitter content and strategies.
Virgin Atlantic Emails Virgin Atlantic cookies may be used to store details about your activity on our website so that you can receive emails with personalised offers about our products, sale fares and ways to earn and spend points.
Yahoo! Web Analytics Yahoo Web Analytics cookies are used to track and analyse user behavior on websites. They provide insights into website traffic, user engagement, and conversions, helping businesses optimise their online presence, content, and marketing strategies to improve user experiences and achieve business goals.
Ytimg Ytimg cookies are used by YouTube to improve video streaming performance and enhance user experience. They store data related to video playback, enabling faster loading and smoother video playback on the YouTube platform.

How we use cookies

We use cookies for various purposes, including:

Authentication: To recognise you when you log in to our website.

Analytics: To understand how visitors interact with our site and make improvements accordingly. 

Personalisation: To tailor the content and advertisements to your preferences.

Advertising:To deliver targeted ads that may be of interest to you.

First-Party and Third-Party Cookies

First-Party Cookies: These are set by our website and can only be read by our website.

Third-Party Cookies: These are set by third-party services or partners that we use. We have no control over these cookies, and you should refer to the third party's privacy policy for information on their use of cookies.

Updates to this Cookie Statement

We may update this Cookie Statement to reflect changes in our use of cookies or legal requirements. Please check this page regularly for updates.

For more information about how we collect, use, and protect your personal data, please review our Privacy Policy.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected, and we take your online privacy seriously.