How to claim points back from your flight

Are you missing some points from a recent flight?  Find out how to claim points from Virgin Atlantic and our partner airlines below.


Virgin Atlantic

Claim missing Virgin Atlantic Points


If you added your Flying Club number to your booking before you left, you should see your points and Tier Points within 7 days of your flown flight

If you can't see them, please log in and claim your missing points following the below instructions:

  • Log in to your Flying Club account

  • Enter your ticket number* next to your Flying Club number which should already have populated

  • Select ‘Claim your Virgin Points

*Your eTicket number is 13 digits and starts with 932. You can find it in your confirmation email under ‘passenger details’. It looks something like this: 9322323708015

If you have any trouble at all logging in, here are some tips.

  Claim missing Virgin Atlantic Points


partner airlines

Claim missing partner airline points


If you added your Flying Club number to your booking with a partner airline it can take up to 6 weeks for your Virgin points to be verified and credited.

If it's been longer than that since your flight, or you didn't add your Flying Club details at the time of booking, you can claim Virgin points back up to 6 months after you fly. 

To claim points for airline partners, please complete our webform.

Please note:

  • Points may only be claimed for a flight you've already taken.

  • No claims will be accepted for future activity yet to be taken/completed. Please allow 30 days for eligible claims to show on your account.


  Claim missing Points from other airlines
Virgin Atlantic flying club

Flown recently but not yet a member of Flying Club?

You can claim any points you’ve earned up to six months after your flight.

  1. Join Flying Club ensuring your sign-up details match the name on your ticket.

  2. Claim your points following the instructions on this page

Join Virgin Atlantic Flying Club  

Here's some things to bear in mind

  • Please allow 7 days after your flight for Virgin Atlantic points to show in your account.

  • Claims can be made up to 6 months after you travel.

  • You are unable to claim for flights that have not yet flown.

  • Names on any documents must match the name on your Flying Club membership.