Left on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft leaving the UK

If you've left something on one of our planes leaving the UK, please complete Lost items on Virgin Atlantic aircraft formOur Baggage Tracing team will review our lost property register, and let you know if your item is found.

NOTE: Lost property can take up to 72 hours to enter our system, so please bear with us if you've just arrived at your destination.

Left on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft coming into the UK

If you’ve left something on one of our planes into the UK, the airport's lost and found team will be the ones to find and it and look after it. Please see below for all our airport contact details.

Left in a public area of the airport or lounge

If you've left anything in a public area of the airport like a lounge, gate, or security area, you'll need to contact the airport's lost and found department. Please see below for all our airport contact details.

How to claim lost items on your insurance

You may be able to claim on your insurance if you've lost something. We can provide you with written confirmation that we have searched for the item you have described to us if you have left items on a Virgin Atlantic plane leaving the UK. To receive proof of search please click Yes when you complete the Lost items on Virgin Atlantic aircraft form.

If you left items on a Virgin Atlantic plane into the UK or in a public area of the airport or lounge, you’ll need to use the response from the airports lost property.

We recommend you check with your insurance company before requesting this. Our "confirmation of search" letter or the airports lost property response may not be sufficient proof of your loss. Lost property handlers may charge for this service.

Airport lost property contact details

The below information will guide you towards the relevant Airport's Lost and Found department.


Website: https://www.edinburghairport.com

London Heathrow

Website: https://lhr.lostandfoundsoftware.com/org/lhr
Telephone (within UK): 08448243115 option 5


Website: www.manchesterairport.co.uk
Email: manchester.t2@excess-baggage.com


Website: https://www.aatc.org/lost-found/
Email: lost@aatc.org


Website: https://www.massport.com/logan-airport/at-the-airport/passenger-services/lost-items/report-a-lost-item/

Las Vegas

Website: https://www.harryreidairport.com/Lost
Telephone: 001 702 261 5134

Los Angeles

Website: https://www.flylax.com/lost-n-found
Telephone: 001 424 646 5678


Website: https://www.miami-airport.com/lost-and-found.asp
Telephone: 001 888 335 0690

New York - JFK

Website: https://www.jfkt4.nyc/lost-found/
Email: T4Lostandfound@smartecarte.com
Telephone: 347-684-3604
Further Information: For lost government-issued passports or other travel documents, please contact US Customers and Border Protection at: 718-487-5164


Website: https://www.orlandoairports.net/
Telephone: (407) 825 2111
MCO Club lounge: (407) 825 4747

San Francisco

Website: https://www.flysfo.com/lost-and-found
Email: SFOLostandFound@flysfo.com
Telephone: 1-650-821-7014


Website: https://www.portseattle.org/services-amenities/lost-and-found
Telephone: 001 206 787 5312


Website: https://www.tampaairport.com/lost-and-found


Website: https://cs.flydulles.com/lostandfound/s/
Telephone: 001 703 572 8479


Website: dsaltd.info
Telephone: 001-268-484-1360 / 001-268-562-4148 / 4149 / 4150


Website: https://gaia.bb
Email: dutymanagers@gaiainc.bb
Telephone: 001 246 420 2900 or 001 246 428 7101


Website: https://www.grenada-airport.com/services.php
Telephone: 001 473 444 4555


Website: https://www.mbjairport.com/
Email: lostandfound@mbjairport.com
Telephone: 001 876 684 1739

St Lucia

Website: https://www.ifly.com/airports/st-lucia-hewanorra-airport/baggage-and-security

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Telephone: 1 784 456 5555

The Bahamas – Nassau

Telephone: +12427027247

Turks and Caicos

Email: Info@TCIAirports.tc
Telephone: 649-946-4420

Cape Town

Website: LPOCPT@Colossalaviation.co.za
Email: LPOCPT@nascolossal.co.za.
Telephone: +27 21 936 3360 / 61


Website: LostpropertyJNB@Colossalaviation.co.za
Email: LPOJNB@nascolossal.co.za.
Telephone: +27 11 390 8567 / 68


Website: https://faan.gov.ng/faqs/
Further Information: Items of lost property are logged by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria. Customers must contact the Customer Service Office at the Airport.
Telephone: 00234 1493 3385


Website: http://www.newdelhiairport.in/lost-and-found.aspx
Email: lostandfound@bialairport.com
Telephone: +91-8066785555


Website: https://www.bengaluruairport.com/travellers/passenger-services/lost-found
Email: Lostproperty.dial@gmrgroup.in
Telephone: 0091 124 683 8410


Website: https://csmia.adaniairports.com/lost-luggage.aspx
Email: csmia.lostproperty@adani.com
Telephone: Terminal 1 - +91 9930144272 // Terminal 2 - +91 9619050580 or +918879992371