In the unlikely event that your baggage doesn’t arrive in the baggage hall, or if it is significantly damaged while it's in our care, you can make a claim.

It's essential you tell our baggage services agents at the airport. You will need to complete a missing bag report AHL. The unique AHL reference number will enable you to track your bag. If our staff are not by the baggage belt you’ll find them at a service desk within the baggage reclaim area.

As with all other international carriers, our liability regarding lost baggage is strictly limited, so you should explore your travel insurance options first. Contact your insurers and ask them for a claim form. They will probably need to see a copy of the AHL reference number. If they need any other documentation from us you can request it in an email to

Reporting the incident to our staff in the baggage hall or elsewhere does not alone constitute notification of a claim. You must also notify us in writing, using the lost or damaged baggage claim forms below.

How to claim if your baggage has arrived damaged

Our ground staff in the baggage hall will assess the damage and in some airports try to settle your claim immediately by arranging a replacement bag (if your bag is no longer useable) or repair.

If you wish to make a claim with us for damaged baggage, you must notify us in writing, using our damaged baggage claim form below, within seven days of getting the baggage back.

We're unable to accept claims for cosmetic or minor damage to baggage, for example scuff marks, ripped labels and dents that do not affect the structure of the bag. This is general wear and tear that occurs during the normal handling of bags at the airport, or even inside the containers during the flight.

Complete our Baggage Claim Form for damaged bags and/or contents

How to claim if your baggage hasn't arrived at all

If your baggage does not appear on the baggage belt, we will do our best to track it down and return it to you as quickly as possible. Find out more about this process on our delayed baggage page.

It rarely happens but if we haven't been able to locate your baggage after 21 days, we will declare it ‘irretrievably lost’ and you can make a claim.

To make a claim for irretrievably lost checked baggage you should send us a completed claim form.

Complete our Baggage Claim form for irretrievably lost baggage

Where to send your completed form

UK and non-US residents should send completed claim forms to our UK address below, with any supporting paperwork (receipts, proof of purchase or repair estimates).

Baggage Claims
Virgin Atlantic
Fleming Way
RH10 9DF


US residents may return completed claim forms and supporting documentation to our US address, from where it will be forwarded to the Central Baggage Claims Department in the UK.

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Customer Care
5787 Vineland Road
Suite 204, Orlando
Florida, 32819


Our liability regarding lost or damaged baggage

Our liability regarding lost or damaged baggage is strictly limited in accordance with the Montreal Convention. Please take a look at our Conditions of Carriage for more information. Due to these limits of liability, we strongly recommend that passengers take out their own insurance.

All baggage claims must be substantiated by documented proof of purchase, including the date and purchase price. Depreciation will be deducted at our discretion.

We regret that we cannot accept liability for damage and/or loss of articles contained in baggage deemed to be over packed, unsuitably packed and/or protected, already damaged and/or those not suitable as checked baggage, for example carrier bags or paper boxes.