We'll help you through the process of getting clearance for your guide dog or assistance dog to travel with you on board. 

If possible, get in touch before you book your flight as guide dogs or assistance dogs cannot be booked online and we may need to limit the number of dogs we can carry in the cabin of our aircraft.

If your dog is not a guide dog or assistance dog, you can find out more about Travelling with pets

A checklist to help you prepare

Routes and other airlines

Make sure your flight route accepts guide dogs or assistance dogs.

Check your ticket carefully - If any part of your journey is with another airline like Delta or KLM, contact them separately to check their acceptance criteria, which may be different to ours.

Air France
Air New Zealand
Singapore Airlines
Korean Air
Middle East Airlines

Travelling from or to the USA

Customers travelling to/from the US must submit the U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form listed below for validation prior to their flight attesting to the animal’s health, training and behaviour.

In addition, for flights scheduled over 8 hours customers must also submit a DOT Relief Attestation Form attesting that the dog will not relieve itself in the aircraft or can do so in a sanitary manner.

Travelling from or to the UK

To ensure that your dog has all the necessary documentation, vaccinations, treatments and tests to enter or leave the UK and to avoid quarantine, please check the requirements needed in the PETS (the Pet Travel Scheme) set out by the UK Government, and their advice on allowing Guide and Assistance Dogs into the UK. 

Documents required by the Animal Reception Centre are listed on their website.

Heathrow Airport

Tel: +44 208 745 7894

Fax: +44 208 759 3477

Email: harc@cityoflondon.gov.uk

Website: www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/services/animal-health-welfare/heathrow-animal-reception-centre

Heathrow Airport’s Animal Reception Centre requires a minimum of 72 hours notice before your scheduled departure to issue your pre-approval letter.

Manchester Airport

Tel: +44 161 209 7670

Fax: +44 161 209 7672 

Email: info@petsonjets

Website: www.petsonjets.com/assistancedogs/

If departing from any other Airport in the world please contact the airport you're leaving from to clarify the process.

Allowed breeds

We are unable to accept snub or pug nosed breeds such as the Pekingese, Pug breeds, Boston Terrier, Brussels Griffin, English toy Spaniel, Japanese Spaniel, English Bulldog, French Bulldog and Shih Tzu. Additionally, we are unable to carry in the cabin of our aircraft, any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Please take a look at our conditions of carriage for further clarification.



Before we can welcome your guide dog or assistance dog into the cabin of our aircraft, we'll need to make sure they've received sufficient training. This includes behavioural training (such as in public spaces) as well as specific training to assist you with your medical condition.

If you cannot provide documented evidence of the training detailed above, you'll need to make alternative arrangements for the transport of your dog. Find out more about Travelling with pets.

Please note for safety reasons we are not able to accept assistance dogs weighing over 10kg in all of our Upper Class cabin.

There is no weight restriction for assistance dogs traveling in our Economy and Premium cabins. 

Let us know at least 72 hours before your flight, that you're planning to travel with your guide dog or assistance dog by using our dedicated online contact form.

Alternatively, email special.assistance@fly.virgin.com with the following details:

  • Your booking reference, flight number and date of flight
  • Breed and weight of your assistance dog
  • What task your assistance dog assists you with regarding your medical condition
  • Attach details of the behavioural training your assistance dog has completed

Double check that you have submitted all the documentation that you and your dog need before flying, and that you have copies with you. 

We’d also recommend getting insurance for your dog.

In preparation for your flight please make sure you have a safety harness which will need to be used during take-off, landing, turbulence or whenever the ‘fasten seat betl’ sign is illuminated. 

The Pet Travel Scheme helpline can offer advice on harnesses. 

We also recommend bringing on board an absorbent for your guide or assistance dog just in case they need to use it on board.