9.1 You must: 

    (a) check and observe the entry requirements for any country you are visiting;

    (b) make sure you have and present to us a valid passport, all required travel documents, visas, health certificates, fitness to fly evidence and other documents or requirements you need for your journey. You must allow us to make and keep copies of these or allow us (if asked) to safely deposit them with a member of crew until the end of the flight;

    (c) comply with all laws, regulations, orders, demands, policies and other travel requirements (including those relating to health mitigation) (a)               of any country you fly from, to and transit through;

    (d) have a passport that is in good condition (meaning it does not have missing or badly torn pages, holes, stains, material alterations, mutilations, evidence that the laminate is lifted enough to allow possible substitution of the photo or any other damage that affects the integrity of the passport and/or the identification of the holder, such as the name, date of birth, citizenship and document number)

and we will not be liable to you if you fail to do so.

9.2 If you do not comply with any laws, regulations, orders, demands or other travel requirements (including entry, exit and transit and health requirements) and are refused entry to a country, you must reimburse us for:

    (a) any fine, penalty or charge imposed on us by the government concerned;

     (b) any detention costs we are charged;

    (c) the price for transporting you back to your departure airport; and

    (d) any other costs we incur. 

We may deduct any amount you owe to us arising from the above against any amount we owe to you. We will not refund the fare for carrying you to the destination where you were denied entry. 

9.3 Customs security inspections and screening

    (a) You must allow us, government officials, enforcement agencies, airport officials, or other carrier providing your journeys to carry out security checks on you and your Baggage and a health screening or health examination as needed (including temperature checks). 

    (b) You may be required to be present for inspection of your Baggage by customs or other government officials.  We are not liable to you for any loss or damage suffered by you during such inspection.