20.1 Successive carriers

If your Ticket shows that your flights will be performed by us and other airlines or under a Conjunction Ticket, this will be regarded as a single operation for the purposes of Regulation 2027/97, the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention. Our liability for your carriage in this way will be limited as set out in Article 23.3.

20.2 If you are travelling on a Codeshare flight

    (a) We have Codeshare arrangements with other carriers and these might apply to your journey.  If you book directly with us, we will let you know at the time of booking if your flight is to be operated by another carrier under a Codeshare (if known).   If you book through an Authorised Agent we will try to make sure they give you this information.

    (b) If you have a flight which is being operated by another carrier under a Codeshare, we will still be responsible for your whole journey, including any Codeshare flight.

    (c) Where your flight is operated by another carrier under a Codeshare, these Conditions of Carriage will apply, but the carrier operating the flight will apply its own rules relating to the operation of the flight. The carrier’s conditions of carriage are incorporated by reference and are part of your Contract. Those rules might be different from these Conditions of Carriage and you should read them before you book.  You should read all their rules concerning, in particular:

        (i) check-in time limits;

        (ii) unaccompanied minors;

        (iii) carriage of animals;

        (iv) denied boarding compensation;

        (v) baggage acceptance; and

        (vi) refusal of carriage.

    (d) A list of the carriers that operate Codeshare flights for us and a link to their website can be found at: https://flywith.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/before-you-book/partner-airlines.html

    (e) If you are travelling on a Codeshare flight to or from Canada, the carrier operating your flight must comply with the Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations.   Please refer to the tariff and/or conditions of carriage of the operating carrier for more information.    

20.3 Wet Lease Services

Some of our flights are operated under arrangements with other carriers who operate aircraft on our behalf using our name, our livery and our Airline Designator Code (known as a “wet lease”). If your flight is planned to be operated in this way, we will let you know at the time of booking (if known).  These Conditions of Carriage shall apply to your flight.