12.1 Unacceptable behaviour

You must not, while you are at the airport or on-board, do any of the following:

    (a) fail to comply with any applicable laws;

    (b) commit a criminal offence;

    (c) interfere with the ground staff or crew in carrying out their duties; 

    (d) fail to obey the instructions of ground staff or crew (including those relating to safety, security, alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping, seat-belts and using electronic equipment, or the taking of photographs or videos of ground staff, crew or passengers) or tamper with a smoke detector on-board;

    (e) consume alcohol that has not been served to you by our crew (including duty free purchases);

    (f) appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or be in unlawful possession of drugs;

    (g) make a bomb, hijack or other security threat (even as a joke);

    (h) threaten to or actually endanger or damage the aircraft or any property in it;

    (i) threaten, injure, abuse or assault another person;

    (j) behave in an abusive, threatening, insulting or disorderly manner; 

    (k) behave in a way or otherwise cause discomfort, annoyance, inconvenience, Damage or injury to another person; or

    (l) destroy your travel documents.

    (m) fail to obey the instructions of our ground staff or crew relating to measures required to be followed to prevent the spread of infectious disease (including the wearing of face masks).

    (n) film or photograph any members of crew, ground staff or passengers without their consent.

12.2 If we reasonably believe you have behaved in any manner as outlined above we may take any measure we think is reasonable in the circumstances.  This may include (amongst other things):

    (a) physically restraining you;

    (b) making you leave or removing you from the aircraft;

    (c) confiscating alcohol, drugs or other items from you;

    (d) refusing to carry you after a Stopover;

    (e) refusing to carry you for the remaining parts of your journey shown on your Ticket;

    (f) refusing to carry you in the future, even if you have a valid Ticket;

    (g) reporting you to the police or an enforcement authority. 

12.3 Reimbursing us for the cost of your behaviour

You will be liable to reimburse us any costs we incur because of your unacceptable behaviour, including,

    (a) repairing or replacing property lost, stolen or damaged by you;

    (b) compensating any passenger, crew member or ground staff affected by your behaviour; or

    (c) diverting the aircraft or returning to stand so we can remove you from it.