A new way to board your flight

We know that no one wants to spend more time waiting around at the gate than they need to. So, we’ve changed the way we board to make it clearer when to come forward, and avoid queuing up as much as possible.

Boarding group is shown on your boarding pass

When you get your boarding pass, you’ll find a number from one to nine clearly marked on it.

Boarding groups

Customers who need extra time to get settled in will still be able to board first, followed by group 1, 2 and so on, in order. Please take note of your boarding group number before you arrive at the gate, so you know when it’s your turn, and keep an ear out for the announcements. 

  Ticket or loyalty membership
Group 1

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold

Group 2

Virgin Atlantic Premium

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Silver

Group 3 Virgin Atlantic Economy Delight
Group 4

Delta Diamond Medallions 

Delta Platinum Medallions

Delta Gold Medallions

Air France / KLM Flying Blue Platinum

Air France / KLM Flying Blue Gold

Group 5

Delta Silver Medallions

Air France / KLM Flying Blue Silver

Singapore Solitaire Life PPS Club / PPS Club 

Krisflyer Elite Gold

Virgin Australia Club / Platinum / Gold

Group 6 - 9 Virgin Atlantic Economy