16.1  If you want us to carry your pet, you must get our agreement before travel.   Our policies and procedures for carrying pets can be found at https://flywith.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/before-you-book/how-to-book-your-pet-onto-a-flight.html

16.2 You may travel with your Assistance Dog but you must get our agreement before travel.   Our policies and procedures for carrying Assistance Dogs can be found at https://help.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/special-assistance/assistance-dogs.html

16.3 If we agree to carry your Assistance Dog we will do so, provided that:

    (a) only Assistance Dogs accompanying disabled passengers can be taken into the aircraft cabin;

    (b) you must have all necessary health and vaccination certificates, permits and documents for the Assistance Dog for the duration of your journey and we will not be liable to you for any losses you suffer if you fail to do so; and

    (c) you must repay us any fines, costs, charges, losses or liabilities we incur if you fail to have the correct paperwork.

16.4 We can refuse to carry any Assistance Dog:

    (a) for safety reasons;

    (b) if it appears to us that your Assistance Dog may have a contagious or life-threatening disease;

    (c) if it could have an adverse effect on the welfare or comfort of any person or other Assistance Dog;

    (d)  if it could cause the flight to be diverted or operations disrupted;

    (e) if doing so could contravene the laws of the country of departure, entry or transit.

16.5 If you are denied boarding because we have refused to carry your Assistance Dog on the grounds set out above, we will have no liability to you.

16.6 We will not be liable for any loss, injury, sickness or death of your pet or Assistance Dog carried unless Regulation 2027/97, the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention applies.  If any of these apply, we will rely on any limits of liability available to us.