5.1 Fares

The fare for your Ticket will be calculated by us or our Authorised Agent in accordance with the applicable Tariff available at the time you book. Some fares have conditions attached to them which limit or prevent any amendments or cancellation. See Articles 6 and 7. 

5.2 If we got the price wrong

    (a) We try to make sure that all our fares are displayed correctly. Sometimes mistakes are made and incorrect fares are displayed.  If you book a Ticket based on an incorrect fare, we will give you the option to either:

        (i)  pay the difference between what you paid and the correct fare; or

        (ii) cancel your Ticket and receive a full refund.

    (b) Where it was not reasonably obvious at the time of booking that the fare was incorrect and you have requested a refund, any reasonable, non-refundable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by you after you bought the Ticket may also be refunded.  You must give us receipts or other documents showing the costs, purchase date and proof that they are non-refundable.

    (c) We will not reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses incurred where it was reasonably obvious that the fare displayed was incorrect.

    (d) The cancellation and refund of fares for flights to/from the U.S. will be made in strict compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation Enforcement Policy on Mistaken Fares dated 8 May 2015.

5.3 Taxes, fees, charges and Government Scheme Costs

(a)  In addition to the fare, you must pay any:

        (i) applicable taxes;

        (ii) fees and charges imposed by a government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport; and

        (iii) Government Scheme Costs.

(b) When you buy a Ticket, we will tell you the amounts for the items set out above.  These are shown separately on your Ticket.

(c) The items above (including amounts) are constantly changing and can be introduced or increased after you have made your booking. If there is a new charge or an increase in any of these items after you have made your booking, we may pass this increased cost onto you, where we are legally allowed to do so.

(d) You may claim a refund if any of the items set out above are abolished or reduced after you have paid for your Ticket but before the start of the applicable journey. See https://www.virginatlantic.com/refunds/

(e) Some airports charge local taxes, fees or charges upon arrival or departure. These may not be included in the price of your ticket and, as such, should be paid locally.

5.4 Surcharges

    (a) We may add our own surcharges to your fare and you will be required to pay for them at the time of booking.  We will tell you the amount of these surcharges and they will be shown separately on your Ticket.   

    (b) If we increase any of our surcharges after you have paid for your Ticket in full, you will not have to pay the increase.

5.5 Credit card charges

If you are using a credit card to pay for your Ticket, a fee might be payable.  We will let you know if any fees are payable at the time of booking, as they can change from time to time.

5.6 Currency

You must pay the full amount for your Ticket in the currency of the country in which your Ticket has been issued, unless we, or our Authorised Agent, agree otherwise.