7.1 Correcting a name

    (a) Your name must be identical on your booking, Ticket and passport.  If a mistake has been made and this is not the case, you must correct it at least two (2) hours before your scheduled departure time.

    (b)  You can correct the name on your booking and Ticket by contacting us or the Authorised Agent that made your booking.   

    (c) You can get more information on name changes and making a correction by visiting https://help.virginatlantic.com/gb/en/name-change.html

7.2 Changing your itinerary in advance

    (a) You will only be allowed to change your itinerary if this is permitted by the Tariff that applies to your Ticket.   We or our Authorised Agent (if your Ticket is booked through one) will notify you of these when you book.  If you need flexibility with your itinerary, you should make sure that the fare conditions of your Ticket suit your needs.  We suggest that you have appropriate travel insurance if they do not.

    (b) Some changes to your itinerary, (for example, the date or route, if you don’t take the first flight on your Ticket or if you do not take flights in the agreed sequence) may not be possible at all or may result in a price change.  We will let you know if you can make a change and if there is an additional fee or refund when you contact us.  We may also charge a change fee for itinerary changes (the amount of which is dependent on the Tariff that applies to your Ticket).

    (c) If you need to change your itinerary by not taking flights in the agreed sequences please also refer to Article 6.

7.3 Transferring your Ticket

    (a) If you are the Passenger named on the Ticket, only you can travel on it.

    (b) You cannot transfer your Ticket to someone else, unless your flight was bought as part of a Package Holiday.

    (c) If your flight is part of a Package Holiday you may transfer your Ticket if:

(i) you meet the terms of your contract with the Package Holiday provider; and

(ii) you can prove to us (or our Authorised Agents) that you have complied with the requirements of the Package Travel Regulations relating to transferring your Ticket.

(iii) you give us (or our Authorised Agents) reasonable notice, before your date of departure, of your intention to transfer the Ticket;

(iv) you give us (or our Authorised Agents) the full name, address, contact number and any other details we reasonably request, of the person you want to transfer to Ticket to;

(v) you pay us (or our Authorised Agents) a reasonable administration fee for issuing the new Ticket.

7.4 Cancelling your reservation

You will need to contact us if you want to cancel your reservation.  Any refunds will depend on the type of Ticket you hold and the fare conditions that apply to your Ticket.  See Article 10 for more information.

7.5 Extending the period of validity of a Ticket for illness

    (a) If, after you have started your journey:

        (i) you, unexpectedly become ill and this stops you travelling on your next flight during the period of validity of your Ticket; and

        (ii) you want to extend the period of validity of your Ticket so you can continue your journey,

we may extend the period of validity of your Ticket until a seat in the class of service for which you hold a Ticket becomes available after the date when you are fit to travel.

    (b) If you want to have the validity of your Ticket extended in accordance with this Article, you must provide us with an official medical certificate confirming your illness and stating when you will be fit to travel.

    (c) If the journeys remaining in your Ticket involve one or more Stopover, the period of validity may be extended up to a maximum of 90 days from the date you are certified as medically fit to travel. We will extend the period of validity of the Tickets, for a similar period, of other members of your immediate family that are travelling with you when you fell ill.

    (d) If you are accompanying a Passenger who dies during the itinerary, we may change your Ticket by waiving any minimum stay conditions or extending the period of validity.

    (e) If after you have begun your itinerary a member of your immediate family dies, we may change your Ticket, and the Ticket(s) of any immediate family travelling with you, by waiving any minimum stay or extending the period of validity.

    (f) We will only change your Ticket under Article (d) and Article (e) if you provide us with a valid death certificate. We will not extend the period of validity beyond forty-five (45) Days from the date of death.

7.6  If you are unable to travel due to an Event Beyond Your Control and you provide us with proof of such an event (to our reasonable satisfaction), you may rebook onto another flight on a different date or to a different destination. There may be additional charges to pay if there is a difference in fare, carrier imposed charges and surcharges, taxes, fees and charges. These will be advised to you at the time of rebooking. We will not deduct an administration fee to do this.