13.1 We may refuse to carry you or your Baggage if any of the following has happened, or we reasonably believe may happen:

    (a) you have behaved in an unacceptable manner as set out in Article 12;

    (b)  carrying you or your Baggage may put or has put the safety of the aircraft or the health or safety of any person in danger;

    (c) carrying you or your Baggage may affect the comfort of any person in the aircraft;

    (d) your Checked Baggage is not properly and securely packed;

    (e) you or your Baggage have not completed or passed a security inspection or you are carrying a prohibited item (see Article 19.5).

    (f) you have refused to allow a security check to be carried out on you or your Baggage;

    (g) your mental or physical state or health is a danger or risk to you, the aircraft or any person in it;

    (h) you have not provided valid travel documents;

    (i) your passport is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, has missing or badly torn pages, holes, stains, material alterations, mutilations, evidence that the laminate is lifted enough to allow possible substitution of the photo or any other damage that affects the integrity of the passport and/or the identification of the holder, such as the name, date of birth, citizenship and document number;

    (j) the immigration authority for the country you are travelling to, or country where you have a Stopover, has told us (verbally or in writing) that it has decided not to allow you entry, even if you have valid travel documents;

    (k) you have refused to allow us to copy your travel documents; or other information needed to travel;

    (l) you have refused to give your travel documents to ground staff or crew, when asked to do so;

    (m) you have asked the relevant government authorities for permission to enter a country in which you have landed as a transit passenger;

    (n) carrying you would break applicable laws, regulations or orders;

    (o) you have not given us information, requested before your flight, which a government authority has asked us to provide about you, including passenger information;

    (p) you, your agent (other than our Authorised Agent) or your Package Holiday organiser, have not paid the correct fare for your journey, full amount for your Ticket or for any subsequent purchases relating to your travel with us or another carrier;

    (q) you have not paid for goods or services bought from us on the ground or on-board, including duty free goods;

    (r) you have presented a fraudulent, counterfeit or illegally acquired Ticket or a Ticket that you did not buy from, or was not issued by, us or our Authorised Agent;

    (s) you have presented a Ticket which has been reported as lost;

    (t) you have presented a Ticket with a change not made by us or our Authorised Agent;

    (u) you cannot prove you are the person named on the Ticket;

    (v) the name shown on your booking, Ticket and passport are not identical;

    (w) you have not taken flights in the agreed sequence or not shown-up for a flight without our agreement (see Articles 6 and 7);

    (x) you have not completed check-in by the Check-in Deadline or arrived at the boarding gate on time;

    (y) you have refused or failed to undergo health screening or a health examination requested by us another carrier performing your flight or by a government or enforcement agency;

    (z) you have, or someone who is responsible for you has, failed to comply with the requirements of Article 16;

    (aa) you, or someone travelling with you for whom you are responsible (for example a minor) is not permitted by law, court order or bail conditions to leave the jurisdiction of the place of departure of the aircraft;

    (bb) you have presented a fraudulent or counterfeit travel document or provided fraudulent or incorrect information needed for your journey;

    (cc) you have behaved in a way mentioned above on or in connection with a previous flight; or

    (dd) you have behaved in a rude, aggressive, unreasonable or otherwise inappropriate manner, or have caused distress or anxiety, to any of our ground or back-office staff, agents or other people providing services on our behalf; and     

    (ee) you have failed to comply with Article 9.        

13.2 If you are refused boarding because of any of the reasons set out above, you will not be entitled to any rights for denied boarding under Article 21, under Regulation 261/2004 or other applicable laws. 

13.3 We may refuse to carry you or your Baggage if:

(a) we have notified you in writing that we would not carry you on our flights  after the date of such notice. If you try to travel after such notice, we will refuse to carry you and you will not be entitled to any compensation or other damages;

(b) if the aircraft's weight limitations or seating capacity prevent carriage of some Passengers and/or Baggage;

(c) someone, for whom you are responsible, has behaved or we reasonably believe may behave in any of ways set out in Article 13.1 above.