Booking children's meals

If you'd like to order any children's meals you can do that easily online in My booking, or contact us and we'll add it to your booking for you. You can do this any time from booking up to 24 hours before your flight.


We’ve created our kids’ menu with the fussiest child in mind, so it includes a variety of familiar dishes that are sure to tickle their tastebuds. It's designed for children who are aged from 2 to 12 years old and have their own seat


Kids meals aren't always vegetarian, so if they're veggie they should go for the adult vegetarian option rather than a kids meal.


If you don't order one before you fly it's ok, they'll be able to choose from the delicious options available onboard.

Our nut and allergen policy

We adhere to allergen guidance under European and UK food legislation, which may be different in other jurisdictions. The allergens declared refer to the ingredients only, the food items may contain traces of allergens since they are processed on or with equipment that processes products that may contain allergens.

We cannot guarantee the absence of food allergen or peanut traces in our meals, both on board and at the airport.  A list of food allergens contained in meals served on flights departing from the UK and USA is available on board from your Cabin Crew.

Our suppliers are based all around the world and not every country has the same legal requirements for providing allergen information. On flights to the UK, allergen labelling on pre-packaged items may not reflect all of the allergens required to be declared in the UK. For passengers flying from the USA, we also adhere to the three additional Nuts listed under US Allergen advisory information.

Peanuts are never knowingly included in any of our meals on board. However, our meals are not produced in a nut-free environment so may contain traces.

All other nuts may also be served on our flights to other passengers as part of the menu ingredients and/or the snack service, in any cabin. We also can’t stop other passengers from bringing (or eating) their own food onboard, which may include nuts.

In view of the above, we strongly encourage passengers to take all necessary precautions to prepare for the possibility of inadvertent exposure.