Your 24 hours to go checklist

1.  Check in online

Online check in opens from now up until 70 minutes before departure. It's the fastest and simplest way to do it, and you can view and change your seats, add any extra bags and get your boarding pass while you're there.

You can even treat yourself to an upgrade if you're feeling fancy.  

You'll just need :

  • Your booking reference
  • OR Your eTicket number 
  • OR Your Flying Club number
  • Your passport
  • Your computer or device
  • A can-do attitude

Enter the airport you're departing from and you're away.

Got our app? Check in with a quick scan of your passport and download your boarding pass for an even speedier job done. Tick! You'll also get updates straight to your phone, plus you'll be able to see what's available at the airport via our interactive airport maps - all without having to be online.

Check in now

2.  Pack your bags

 In your hand luggage:

  • Valuables/breakables 
  • Devices
  • Hand sanitizer/wet wipes
  • Toothbrush + mini toothpaste
  • Moisturizer/lip balm
  • Book/magazine
  • Sweets/snacks
  • Medications
  • E-cigarettes/vapes/lighters
  • Spare swimmers/undercrackers

Don't forget  -  All liquids, gels or pastes should be in containers up to 100ml

Put full-size toiletries and heavy stuff at the bottom of your checked in bag instead.

Weigh your bags to save any worries about extra charges at the airport. Its 10kg for hand luggage and 23kg for checked in bags (more if you're flying Upper Class)

More on baggage allowances and restrictions

3. Gather your docs

Goes without saying, but

  • Don't pack important stuff like your passport and wallet in your suitcase
  • Print, photo or screenshot any important non-digital docs like tickets or visas
  • Keep them all together in a secure but easy to get to pocket

Or if you're rocking a bumbag, pop 'em in there.

More on what documents you'll need to travel

4. Power up devices

Power up your devices tonight, then stow away your chargers and adaptors with them tidily in your hand luggage first thing.

Incredible inflight entertainment is all part of the service onboard, but it's worth loading a few games, movies, tv shows, music and books to your devices, especially if you're travelling with children.

More on staying connected onboard

5. Think about what to wear

On the day of travel

  • Keep tops long and layered and bottoms loose or stretchy for comfort
  • Throw on a wide scarf for extra warmth or to tuck under your head (though we provide blankets and pillows in case you get chilly on the flight)
  • Don't pack your jacket or sweatshirt in your hand luggage. They take up too much space and can be draped over your arm or shoulders if not worn
  • Wear comfy shoes or sneakers, with cosy socks that you don't mind showing off when you kick them off.

There are ways to put all this together stylishly - not sure if we've quite nailed it. 

6. Arrange your transport

  • Know which terminal you're flying from
  • Aim to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure
  • Check Flight Status to make sure everything's running to plan
  • Confirm your taxi, lift or transfer
  • Book your airport parking if you haven't already 
  • Keep an eye on travel news for any problems on the roads. 

We've already got the planes, so we've partnered with the best in trains and automobiles to get you to and from the airport. Learn more

7. Make an airport plan

We keep you fed and watered really well throughout your flight, but if you like to fuel up pre-flight double check what's on offer. Some smaller airports have limited options. 

It's now too late to order a specific inflight dietary meal, so make sure you bring something to eat with you if you haven't done so.

If you need special assistance, we recommend you let us know at least 48 hours before your flight. But our team are always here to help. Find more about Special assistance here.

Shopping. If you have a fave scent or want to treat yourself to some new sunnies, give yourself time for a duty free pit-stop. Or skip all that and get your Retail Therapy done in advance (you can even have it delivered to your seat on the plane).

Set an alarm for half an hour before your departure time. It avoids a mad dash when you've got too comfy in the airport bar (we speak from experience).

Our airport guides

You're good to go!

It helps to be prepared to ensure a calm and hassle free lead up to your flight. Give yourself enough time. And if you're not sure about anything, we're here to help at any point.